We are an organization of people brought together by food and food related businesses. We share a belief that we can use our knowledge and skills to improve the lives of impoverished children, those who care for them and the communities where they live.

At the core of our work is a belief that people – even kids – have the power to transform their own lives. We know that the best way to help kids in need is by supporting them as they change their own situations, and by building healthy, economically empowered community structures within which they can thrive.

We make existing organizations stronger, more efficient and measureably more effective. We leverage our entrepreneurial, culinary, mentoring and humanitarian skills — along with the funds we raise — to support the ongoing efforts of partner organizations.

We are currently collaborating with selected program partners in Haiti to advance projects that align with our core initiatives. Our areas of focus are:
• Abolishing child slavery (restaveks)
• Increasing the role of women in leadership and business
• Reaching and empowering youth through sports



“I had to leave school after the third grade and never had the chance to finish school or to learn a vocation. Today, thanks to this training program, I now have gained marketable skills. I am confident that now I can support myself and my child, whose father died in a car accident in 2012.”

What makes us different?

We work on what matters, in ways that work.

We work at the root of the problem.
Impoverished communities have historically been challenged by cultural norms that block progress. Too often, organizations attempt to relieve the symptoms of poverty by giving more and more money — or shoes, or food or even houses — but they fail to change the mindsets that lead to and perpetuate poverty. C4K provides training, mentoring and practical assistance in developing critical leadership, business and strategic thinking methodologies, in order to build belief systems that empower people to change their own lives.

C4K team members are proven leaders in effective methods of cultural transformation
Our Managing Partner Atema Eclai has deep academic qualifications as well as decades of practical experience in some of the most challenging areas of the world. C4K team members are not just managers and advisors. They are on-the-ground “do-ers,” who can ensure that change happens. Through effective project/program selection, we are able to:

  • Measurably increase the productivity of our partner organizations
  • Reduce the overall costs to run individual programs

Our approach to budgeting/funding is lean and targeted.
C4K has no office, no politics, no red tape — we work when our help is needed, where it is needed.

  • We have invested our resources in an experienced Managing Partner who can be deployed to any location without hiring additional consultants
  • Our Chefs and Board Members and other associates volunteer world-class and expertise — entrepreneurial, logistical and culinary — as well as help us raise money for on-the-ground program resources.
  • Our Cookies4kids fundraisers go toward our administrative and operational costs. Private donations go directly to fund specific programs.
As Atema Eclai, our Managing Partner, said “Just get me to Haiti and I’ll find a place to stay — we don’t need all that hoopla.”



Dr. Atema R. Eclai
Managing Partner



Shawn Davidson
Managing Partner



Wendy Flick



Eric Justice


Restaurant creator/owner, including newest concept, SPORK; Industry Consultant


Chef Tim Byres
Culinary Advisor


James Beard Cookbook Award winner; renowned live fire and wood cooking expert, chef/owner of SMOKE restaurant


Chef Tiffany Derry
Culinary Advisor


Season 7 “Top Chef” fan favorite and “Top Chef: All-Stars” finalist; Entrepreneur and TV personality


Chef Rick Koplau
Culinary Advisor


Executive Sous Chef, Hyatt Regency; Head chef of Dukes Grocery in Washington DC


Chef John Taylor
Culinary Advisor


Director of Research and Development, Panera Bread; national food policy authority


Nikki Logan Curran




Project Haiti/C4K helps me practice “partnership” — I do things you don’t do, and you do things I don’t do, but together we can do remarkable things.

John Taylor, Panera Bread Company

Thank you Chefs4Kids for your solidarity with the women of Haiti!


Chef Eric and the C4K team did it all. They came to us.

Pei Wei Asian Diner

I’m lucky, I have a great job that feeds my family; I feel it is only right to give back and Chefs4Kids is a great way to leverage my passion and talents for food.

Tim Byres, SMOKE Restaurant Co-Owner & Chef

The Chef4kids food cart project has brought a glimmer of hope to several teenage and single moms in Jacmel, Haiti. Just after two days of working the cart, their self-esteem has been boosted. One of them said: ‘Finally, I will be able to provide for myself and my kid without having to be battered or

Organisation Tendre Enfance (OTE), Haiti

We will provide Chefs4kids with all of our assistance because we feel you have a great plan for Haitian communities.

Jean-Claude Casius, Founder KPUM, Kaphilipe Universal Ministry, Haiti

The Woman and children of KOFAVIV are pleased and honored to have Chefs4Kids chefs among us. We believe it’s a great project that will have a big impact in the women’s lives and the environment as well. This project will work and go a long way in a country like Haiti.


When Chef Eric called and asked us to make his Cookies4kids special cookie, we didn’t even think twice.

Jacqueline’s Gourmet Cookies

I am very satisfied with the carts – they look awesome. I really like this project; we are going to work hard for its success.


Once I started to see all the good that was being done for those who need it the most, I wanted to help get the word out about chefs4kids.

Ken Leonard, Digital Development Designer

Without the donation from Chefs4kids I am not sure what we would have done. The financial support from C4K allowed us to hire qualified teachers to meet the needs of the 170 students we currently serve. I am very grateful!

BRITE Initiative, Haiti

I feel a personal responsibility and passion for helping all kids — C4K has supported my efforts to build a school in Haiti and offers me an opportunity to work on what I think is important.

Judi Dewalt, Founder, Natural Discoveries

In 125 years, Gladney’s mission has never wavered. We are committed to improving the lives of children, families and birth parents, making Gladney a place where hope is born.

Gladney Center for Adoption





Altruistic support is essential to furthering Chefs4Kids. We rely on donations from you to help carry out our programs. Your generosity will directly change the course of an individual’s life.

In supporting Chefs4kids, you share in our commitment to changing culture through food and food related businesses. Together we will improve the lives of impoverished children, those who care for them and the communities where they live.

We are a transparent organization. By donating, you can feel confident your money will be used to directly support one of our programs.

Thank you for your support.

Interested in learning more?

If you have questions about other ways to get involved, we’d love to hear from you, and will respond as quickly as possible. We also love comments and feedback on our Facebook page.